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Abandoned or Unattended Tribal Commercial Net Locations- Lake Michigan

This information is provided for your safety as these nets can be a navigational hazard because of a lack of proper markings, long anchor lines floating away from the nets and an uncertainty as to how the net lays out under the water. Therefore, it is very important to give these areas a very wide berth.



For more informatiopn on Trap Net's Click on the link below


Thank you, Jim Vander Maas


If you get caught up in these nets please call the MDNR RAP line at 1-800-292-7800 and report the incident

Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Lake Michigan Committee
Red Flags Report
A detailed look into Lake Michigan's fishery that includes a diet study, weir returns, catch rates and more.


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About Us

MSSFA was organized in 1967 by a handful of individuals who knew that Michigan's newly formed trout & salmon fishery was something worth working to protect. They were a small group who wanted not only to protect their fishery, but learn how to catch their elusive prey and tell fishing stories.

MSSFA Chapters have membership meetings with guest speakers to learn all the aspects of sport fishing.  MSSFA Chapters also sponsor fishing clinics, seminars, sport-fishing shows, derbies and tournaments.

With a common goal, and a close working partner with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). MSSFA helps to enhance the resource and sport fishing in our rivers, streams, inland lakes and of course the Great Lakes.

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